Idlewild W9

Pub and burger number three led us to Idlewild, in W9. When giving feedback, I was taught always to start with the positives, so… it’s a lovely pub inside. Sadly, that’s probably the highlight of this review.

I was joined on this occasion by media lawyer @taylortim, and we both ordered exactly the same – medium cooked, with blue cheese. The burger is about as much as you’d want to pay for a pub, £13.50, so we were expecting seriously good things. Unfortunately, due to “a problem with the printer sending the order upstairs”, it took a whole 50 minutes for two medium cooked burgers to arrive. Not a great start. Despite also ordering both with blue cheese, confusingly, one came with Emmental.

photo (3)

Back to the positives – both burgers came medium cooked, as we asked, something which has proved to be an issue with chefs so far. That’s about it though. The burger itself was bland, tasted predominantly of pepper, and was pretty gristly. The bun was woefully inadequate (“it’s basically 6 for 50p at Tesco”), falling to pieces almost immediately. The chips were under-cooked, so much so that the larger ones were like eating a stick of rock.

The best part for me was the Stilton cheese (hard to mess up, admittedly), whereas the Heinz ketchup did it for Tim. photoThis would have been a fairly disappointing meal for £7, but at £13.50 it’s unforgivable. To the bar’s credit, they gave us a free pint for the 50 minute wait (and it was a nice pint), but this did nothing to improve what was an expensive disappointment. Stay away, burger fans.


Me: 5.5/10

Guest reviewer, Tim: 5/10

Total: 5.25/10, an expensive disappointment.


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