The Alice House, West Hampstead NW6

It was my first time at the Alice House. Up until then I’d only heard murmurings of discontent about poor service and food from locals, so I was somewhat apprehensive. It’s also why I went twice, a few weeks apart, just to be sure y’know. I’m glad to say I was pleasantly surprised, however, by both food and service.

I had the burger both times, naturellement, being joined the first time by @marmitetoast and @puddingsandwine, and the second just by a hungover @puddingsandwine (neither puddings nor wine was consumed that time).

The service was friendly and helpful, and I do like the Alice House’s excellent range of local beers. But on to the burger. It comes with cheese (and I’m pretty sure bacon the first time, but not the second), chunky chips and a sort of glowing purple coleslaw (full marks for not being ‘slaw’). I’m a bit disappointed at the lack of pubs who ask how we’d like the burger cooked, but this did come a nice medium anyway.


The burger itself was juicy, tasty meat, although perhaps a little under seasoned (“needs more pepper”, said Rosie). Decent solid sesame bun which held together, a nice slab of melted cheddar, and a mix of mayo/ketchup/mustard on top, which worked quite well.  


There seems to be a growing trend for chutneys (and in this case ‘red onion marmalade’) to be added to burgers, which I can’t say I’m a fan of, so that went. The coleslaw was tangy, but the highlight was the chips. Not quite as good as the Truscott’s, but a close second. Huge, chunky, well-cooked and well-seasoned, although Rosie was disappointed at the ketchup – “that is NOT Heinz”. Personally, I’m not fussed.


So, not the best burger in NW London, but a decent effort for a pub burger, and a nice place to while away a Sunday afternoon. Recommended.



Me: 7

Rosie: 7

Total: 7. Decent pub burger, nice venue. 


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