Pim Pam Burger, Barcelona

I’d been reliably informed by friends and a number of local magazines and blogs that Pim Pam Burgers were the best in Barcelona, so you can understand I was keen to try them out (even in spite of the ridiculous name).

I arrived in the city for a wedding one Thursday lunchtime in May, and immediately went for a siesta (give me a break – I’d just turned 30, was full of a cold, and had caught the 8am Ryanair…). I met old friends Salva and Felipe and we headed over for an early (for Spain) dinner, 9pm. The place is tiny and they don’t do bookings, but thankfully we just managed to grab a table.

Pim Pam

Felipe and I went the Roquefort burger, and Salva opted for the ‘tres quesos’ (three cheeses – parmesan, feta, and gouda). Pim Pam pride themselves on the finest quality meat, and press the burgers themselves into shape as they’re ordered. I was reading their story in Catalan about how the meat is sourced, and we were all slightly worried at their use of quotation marks around sourcing the finest “beef” available from the market. I’m putting it down to the Spanish tendency to overuse speech marks, rather than it being a euphemism for something else…

la foto (2)

So, all in all, a decent burger. Nice meat, well-seasoned and cooked. The Roquefort was plentiful and tasty, and the bun held together well. The chips were hand cut (I worry I now take this for granted with London burgers, but it does seem to be a point worthy of highlighting here) and satisfyingly crispy. The boys went crazy for some ‘American style sauce’ on the table, which after much investigation we concluded actually was cauliflower flavour (I’m still looking into this…). It was new to me and, to be fair, actually pretty pleasant.

la foto (1)

I’ve had better burgers in my life (but then I do say this with every review), but Pim Pam is a very decent effort, and definitely a welcome addition to Barcelona’s culinary scene. The bill for the three of us came in at 28€, and that included three large burgers, two large fries, and three beers. A bargain really. Or as they’d say in Spain, ‘una ganga’.

So, where else to investigate in Barcelona? A few days later I went to Rita Blue in Raval, where I’ve been drinking cocktails for over 10 years. I only now just managed to try the burger, and was pleasantly surprised. Friends have also recommended El Kiosko, Betty Fords, and Negro Carbon. It would only be professional of me to go and try all of these, purely in the interests of the blog of course. I guess I’ll just have to come back to Barcelona then… 😉


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