Burger & Lobster W1

A friend’s 30th saw six of us head off to Burger & Lobster Mayfair (we had booked Soho, but Dean Street was closed due to an electrical explosion…). For those unaware, B&L only serves three dishes: lobster, burger, or lobster roll (all at £20 each). In fact, there’s not even any menus – the server just explains this to you. I’d told myself to go for the lobster as £20 was just too much for any burger, but then this would be a pretty useless burger review. So I asked the waiter for his opinion on the best dishes, and without a moment’s hesitation he replied, “The burger. Definitely the burger. Followed by the lobster roll, and then the lobster.” What’s a boy to do?

Well, we ended up going for a massive 6lb6oz lobster to share, and a couple of burgers for good measure. Let’s go off-piste and start with the lobster. I’ve had wonderful lobster bisque before today (in Stockholm – a bargain £20 as a starter), but never actually eaten lobster. Apparently B&L now flies two tonnes of lobster in each week from Nova Scotia to sate customers of its four London restaurants (hint: that’s a LOT of lobster), and they know what they’re doing. Ours was on the catch of the day menu, and I asked the waiter how old he thought ours was – the answer, a staggering 50 years old. Not gonna lie – I felt a little guilty.

The lobster arrived (steamed, and then grilled) on a huge platter, with a bib for each of us to wear (no messing around here). The lobster itself was truly delightful (and massively plentiful), and it was interesting to see how its various limbs tasted quite differently. You can probably tell from that last sentence I’m no lobster expert, so I’ll move on to the burger…


In a nutshell, very good. Clearly very good quality meat, well-seasoned, and cooked just as we asked (regular readers will know about only one in five burgers I order seem to be cooked as asked). Solid bun, which held together, lovely crisp bacon and nice American style cheese, but a slightly dull beef tomato. Chips nicely salted and pretty decent. A few blogs have disliked the neat little bowl of side salad (everything from the raw onion to the raw pepper to the parmesan cheese), but I enjoyed it, even if it was a purely token effort at healthy. (And if you order a large lobster, the table gets unlimited chips and salad… I took advantage).  You’re also brought little gravy boats of garlic butter sauce, which truly was amazing with the chips (and I’m actually thankful to B&L for having no nutritional information online for this one).

B&L 2

I really enjoyed the Burger and Lobster experience overall. A very slick and friendly operation, with really great food. The lobster is really great value at £20, but let’s not forget the burger is also £20, which goes well and truly above any other examples to date. If you’re in a couple, I’d probably recommend one of each, although I clearly need to head back soon for the missing lobster roll…

(Apologies for the lack of photos in this post – it seems no-one could wait the minute I needed take pics before digging in…)


One thought on “Burger & Lobster W1

  1. As someone who lives in Boston, the home of the Lobster Roll, I will tell you without any hesitation that the Lobster Roll at BnL is the best in the world. It is also the best dish at BnL!!

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