Patty & Bun review

I first went to Patty & Bun a few months back now, and decided before waxing lyrical here about just how damn good it was, I’d have to go at least another two times. Just to make sure, y’know? Purely in your interests, dear reader…IMG-20130804-WA000

Well, I’ve been three times now (with three ladies), and I’m happy to confirm this is the real deal. Push aside the over-hyped, under-delivering MeatLiquor (the burger was so disappointing I’ve not bothered to write it up), and get yourself to Patty & Bun now. (All three ladies agree, by the way).


So, what have we got? Each time I had the Ari Gold cheeseburger with chips, and coleslaw. The burger itself is magnificent. Juicy, tender, well-seasoned, and it just tastes…good. It’s how I’d imagine happiness tastes. For the geeks, the beef is 35-day aged grass-fed Aberdeen Angus, and ground daily. The Ari comes with (good) filthy American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and the winning combination of ketchup and P&B’s own smokey mayo. It works. It works well. Throw a toasted brioche around all of this, and there really isn’t much more to add.




Now, the chips. On my first visit, L and I decided to share a portion of chips. Mistake. Seriously, these things are like crack. They’re triple cooked in rosemary sea-salt, and are by the far the best chips I’ve had in any burger joint in London. Throw in some of their spicy ketchup as a topping and you just can’t beat this. The coleslaw (full marks not being ‘slaw’, P&B) is tangy, fresh, and sets the burger off nicely.

Crucially, the experience has been consistent. All three times we got what we wanted, burgers cooked as we asked, and friendly, non-pretentious service. The place itself is very low key. It only seats 30 (prepare to queue), is very minimalist, and always has some very good tunes playing in the background.

I would say more, but there really is nothing else to add. This is, so far, the best burger I’ve eaten in London. Right now, I can’t offer any higher praise. Go.

IMG-20130804-WA005 (1)


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