After a recent Twitter storm amongst the notable locals* about the best burger in W9, and with no consensus found, I took it upon myself  to sample all the best burgers in the neighbourhood, and then write about them here.

I’d like to say this is an altruistic feat, but it’s essentially my greed and love of burgers that has brought me here, as well as a desire to try out top local venues with new local friends.

So, the rules are simple. Every week I’ll be visiting one of the pubs/restaurants on the list (which seems to keep on growing) with another local, and then we’ll be publishing a review on here shortly after. The list, in no particular order, currently stands at:

– The Warrington

– The Elgin

– Prince Alfred

– The Waterway

– Idlewild

– The Clifton

– Union Tavern

– New Inn

– Red Squirrel

– Priory Tavern

– Lord’s Tavern

– The Salthouse

To be clear, all the burgers are paid for in each pub. I don’t believe fair, impartial reviews can be achieved when people are knowingly invited in to review, and don’t pay.

*Notable local refers to a Twitter follower of the Most Notable Lord Elgin (@w9maidavale)

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi
    If you can extend your search to Hampstead then do try The Hill pub on Haverstock Hill NW3. Good burgers and very friendly service.

  2. Hello
    I would really really like you to try our burger- cheeky burger! We are at acklam village in portobello every weekend. We started our venture with my husband out of pure love for burgers! I’m a burger addict and my husband is professional French chef (you may have seen him on masterchef). We put lots and lots of love in creating our burgers and only the best ingredients! We make our own ketchup, smokey chipotle mayo, and the patty is hand formed out of pure beef with no funny stuff added (egg or breadcrumbs -we say no!). Please give us a chance? Please 🙂 have a look at our twitter page cheeky_burger to see what people say about our cheekies 🙂 ps. Did I mention we use bacon and jack Daniels jam instead of ordinary bacon? Judge for yourself . marta

  3. Trying a burger from The Chamberlayne, Chamberlayne Road, NW6 is a must – cracking burgers, despite the portion sizes shrinking a little and prices increasing a little in the past couple of years.

  4. Not W9 but since you’ve been as far as Barcelona can I strongly recommend Peppers Burgers, Walton Street, Oxford. Have the 1/2 lb beef with cheese and ‘White Shark’ sauce.

  5. I have some burger place recommendations for if you ever land in Berlin (if they’re still open by then, god know the turnover of businesses in Berlin is incredibly quick). First and most important of all is Shiso burger – they do your classic cheeseburger which really hits the spot, but what is really special is their Japanese burgers. The sides are great – coleslaw, sweet potato fries, curly fries and edamame beans. Unfortgettable. Shiso Burger is on Akazienstrasse. Also good are Tommy’s Burger Joint on Invalidenstrasse and Fräulein Burger on Koppenplatz.

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